Do Escorts Have A Higher Rate Of Mental Health Issues?

Posted in Adult  by Harry
August 16th, 2021

The mental health of escorts is significantly influenced by the type of work they undertake.

It’s a common misconception that escorts have greater mental health issues than the general public. Some feel it was their mental health issues that led them to sex work in the first place, while others say it is the nature of the job—from shame to legal and health concerns, to contact to neglect and discrimination has harmed their mental health. With my awareness, no long-term research capable of fixing the causation problem has been done, but there is a critical problem that is sometimes overlooked: the sort of sexual exploitation.

Not all sex work is made equal— hustling on the street to support substance abuse and having sex by the hour in a vehicle or a seedy motel carries an extremely separate degree of risk and shame than advertising online and seeing your customers in a private suite or a high-end resort. The difference between being pushed or driven into sex work by a dishonest employer, an abusive relationship, or terrible financial circumstances and voluntarily selecting sex work because you love it more and/or find it to offer greater advantages than the other career alternatives you have is significant. These distinctions are sure to have an impact on milfy escort’s mental health.

The experienced ones

Selena, in her experience, says, the difference was that as an independent escort, I didn’t have any supervisors or a corporation to fall back on. It was just the customer and me, and if I was lucky, I could talk myself out of a jam. If not, my assault would be used to demonstrate why my life and choices were incorrect.

Instead of recognizing the criminalization of sex work as fostering an environment where workers’ lives aren’t respected, and men may act brutally without consequence, I knew that most people I spoke with would conclude that I should have just made “better choices.”

Those same people believe that sex work, as a whole, is a horrible industry because of its closeness to violence. Whether they want to turn employees or clients into criminals, the message is always the same: you caused it, and you’re too weak to fix it without our help.

The urge to survive without painful poverty, to have the time to visit my numerous physicians, to focus on being as healthy mentally and physically as possible, and to be able to claw my life back from the jaws of zero-hour contracts and gaping overdrafts was what led me to sex work. You may think such things are unrelated to my mental health, but believe me when I say that if you have never been poor, you have no idea how powerful money can be.

The real issue

It’s not just the absence of vacations or new clothing; it’s also the dilemma of whether to eat or store food for another day. Whether you should leave the house or go out only once a week to save money on the bus. It’s about getting out of bed in the cold, turning on the heat, and trying to get something done for the day. Or if you should sleep in your hoodie and cap since you can’t spend money when you’re sleeping. Sex labor was nasty, filthy, strange, perplexing, and frightening. It brought me to areas I didn’t think I’d want to go back to. But me being a milfy escort lifted me out of extreme poverty and allowed me to begin living a happy life.

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