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February 10th, 2021

Maya Bijou is a very cute porn star who has come from the San Francisco Bay Area of California. She is basically a Latina slut having sparkling brown colored eyes as well as black colored hair which accentuates her sexuality. Maya is a petite cutie who has a height of about 5 feet 1-inch-tall and she weighs about 105 pounds. She also has 32B tits and a 24-inch waist which is actually paired with a 34-inch ass. Maya really knows that how to please a guy and you can also tell by her deep-throat skills that she has a huge amount of experience with that task in specific. If you are still wondering about how Maya keeps her girlish figure maintained, then it is just because of her 19-year-old metabolism as she has reported that her favorite ice cream flavor is cookie dough and also that she likes to eat that almost as much as she enjoys guzzling jizz after a good fucking session.


Maya’s boobs are 100% natural and she has not gone under surgery yet to have anything done on her body. With her astrological sign of Virgo, Maya actually sees herself as a giver of pleasure and she loves to take care of people sexually, which is a huge component of this astrological sign. Bijou is a sweetheart who is going to places with tens of thousands of followers already on her Twitter account. If you want to search out what everybody is saying about this lady, then you need to watch Maya Bijou anal on our site. This is the best way to get an idea of how this lady moves and functions in the bedroom in her real life.

Maya Bijou Sex Videos

If you are a spinner then it pays off handsomely nowadays, especially if you are paired with the level of elasticity that Maya Bijou has! This petite Latina is really interested in Big Black Cocks;therefore, she shoots a metric ton of Interracial sex scenes where she requires all the flexibility she has. Maya’s other specialty is the Lesbian Sex Scenes with some of the beautiful colleagues, that we have samples of it on the site

Maya has a sex-drive and she can cum very easily if she is just touched in the right way. We have some of the clips where she cums about 6 times in just a single scene! Maya is very much popular among the studios too, because at 4 ft. 11 inches and sub 100 lbs, she usually pairs perfectly with almost any guy talent. 

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