The Society and the Live Cam options

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November 7th, 2020

Our society maintained and maintains with the technique or the media (in this essay they are used synonymously), from the cinema or TV to the smartphone, an ambivalent relationship between fascination and rejection.You don’t have to be a mass media doctor to find out. Classic authors on the technique indicated it a long time ago, since with each new technology perceptual, affective and cognitive capacities are revealed that human beings were unaware that we had. The world is expanding to new realities, on the one hand, and on the other it contracts and shrinks.

The New Age Options

We are thinking of what W. Benjamin said about the photo-cinematographic close-up, for example, which shows a detail impossible to perceive before the media capture. It was the camera that taught us to see and interpret the suspicious hand that carries the accomplice cigarette to the innocent ashtray.

Only the very close-up (a proto 3D augmented reality) allows us to perceive porous skin and perspiration.The first film to be censored as obscene was called The Kiss, it was one minute nine seconds long, and was based on a close-up shot of a kiss. It happened in 1896, a year after the Lumière brothers presented cinema in society. How had humans observed a kiss up to that point? I don’t know, but surely not how we observe and live it.

  • What we now discover is that there is no process of substitution of one reality for another, but of authentic superposition and coexistence. The quarantine highlighted it. Both realities are on an ontological level of equality and in a relationship of complementarity, not opposition.
  • Virtual sex does not need to be the staging of a pornographic movie. It is recommended to start with little messages loaded with little sexual content, and then evolve to other forms with the photos, audios and videos the same. You can start with suggestive, sexy photos and then move on. Also go for the livecam girls for best time.

From the serial to the cinema

 In The Process of Civilization, N. Elias, following Freud, suggested that the cinematographic sublimation of repressed violence was a different way of channeling and concretizing it. The same thing happens with sexual sublimation. The cinema enabled new ways of sexual satisfaction, as well as generated unsuspected drives before its appearance. The media (radio, cinema, television) produced a sexual desire at the same time that they sublimated it, they responded to a socio-sexual pressure at the same time that they promoted it.

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